A Glimpse Of Summer | Personal Project

Over the summer, I participated in several photography projects. Different projects required different things, but the purpose of it all was to encourage us, as photographers, to get out our camera daily and photograph. It didn't matter what we were photographing, as long as we were pushing ourselves to try new things and explore our creativity. I really enjoyed this because it allowed me to step back and notice the little things. It made me realize that a beautiful photograph doesn't always require an elaborate setup or outfit with the perfect lighting. It made me find the beauty in the every day moments. The ones we are usually too busy to notice. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of our summer. 

Shell Island Florida
Shell Island Panama City Beach
campfire session louisville, ky
Dancing at Bernheim Forest
Hiking at Bernheim Forest photo session
indiana waterfall
Indiana hiking
Panama City Beach session
Getting some ice cream in Jeffersonville, Indiana
Deam Lake Borden, Indiana
playing hopscotch louisville, ky
Sea Lion at Louisville Zoo
Movie in the park Jeffersonville River Stage
4th of July Louisville, Ky
Goldendoodle puppy
Goldendoodle puppy and Ragdoll cat