Lifestyle Newborn Session FAQ

What is a lifestyle newborn session?

A baby's first few weeks of life are fleeting. I want to document all of those first moments that allow you to remember those first snuggles, those tiny details,  and recall the emotion you felt in those moments. With minimal posing and the absence of props that distract from your story, I will be there to capture the real life, the every day.

When should I schedule my appointment?

As soon as possible! It is never too early to schedule your newborn session. Once you find out your due date, I will put you on my calendar for your expected date. After your baby's arrival, you will contact me and we will schedule your appointment within the first 2 weeks of birth. 

My baby is already born. Does that mean it is too late to book a session?

Not at all! While I typically book newborn sessions months in advance, I always try to squeeze babies in if my schedule permits. Also, although it is preferred that your newborn session take place within the first 2 weeks, I am always happy to accommodate older babies. 

Where does the session take place?

Your session will take place in the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about taking your brand new baby out and about. Allow me to come to you! I want your whole family to feel at ease, while documenting memories that you make right there in your own environment. 

How can I prepare for the session?

A full belly is crucial to get started with your session so make sure baby is fed just before arrival or if you prefer to document your baby nursing you can wait until I arrive. I will make use of your home so I ask that you declutter the  main rooms we will be using, such as the living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen. You do not need to clean your home spotless! Please do not worry about this part! Minimize things on your tables and nightstands, make your bed, and pick up any items you would not want in the photo. Throw everything else in a closet or spare room, the rest can wait! Make sure the temperature of your home is comfortable for the BABY. We may be undressing and swaddling baby throughout the session so a warm environment will keep your baby happy during these transitions. Warm babies are happy babies. Have a pacifier handy if available. If there will be small siblings involved, prepare them for what to expect ahead of time. Let them know that someone is coming to take pictures of the new baby and that they are there to be big helpers! The more involved they get, the better! And last but not least, relax. The benefit of a lifestyle session is that it takes the pressure off. There is no need for perfection....remember, I am there to document real life moments, the ones you will remember and cherish the most. 

What should we wear?

I find that solid neutrals or things with minimal patterns look best for lifestyle sessions. Textures are a great way to add depth to an outfit without having to use loud patterns or colors. Keep in mind the color palette of your home so that everything flows nicely. For baby, simple neutral swaddles or blankets will do. Please no bulky or crocheted outfits as this just distracts from the focus of your sweet newborn. 

Maternity Session FAQ

When should I schedule my maternity session?

Between 30-36 weeks is best. 

Where will the session take place?

Maternity sessions can take place either in your home or outside at the place of your choosing. 

Can other family members be included?

Yes. Partners and children may be included in your session.

What should I wear?

Long flowy dresses are my absolute favorite for maternity! I just love the simple and organic look they bring to these photos. But most importantly, I want you to be comfortable, so if dresses are not your thing, wear what works for you! Partners and children, if attending, should dress in soft neutral colors that coordinate with each other. 

I'm not sure I want maternity pictures done, I don't feel pretty.

Motherhood comes in all different shapes and sizes but each pregnancy is unique and beautiful! Even though you may feel swollen and self conscious, I will make sure that your poses are flattering and the necessary touch ups are done in post processing to ensure your portraits come out beautifully. You may not think so now, but later in life you will be thankful you have these memories to look back on and your baby will too!

Family Session FAQ

How can I prepare for my session?

Relax! As mothers, family sessions tend to stress us out! We are responsible to get all of the kids ready, scramble to keep them clean and hair neat, all while trying to look and feel beautiful our own self! These three words will save your life: Plan in advance! Do not wait until the last minute to figure out what to wear, don't expect everything to go right, and don't stress yourself out! Talk to your kids ahead of time (and husbands too, ha!) about what to expect and how you would like them to behave for the day, and if you are a fan of bribery, that usually does the trick! Go get pampered! Family portraits usually only happen once a year, and sometimes even less often than that. Use this as an opportunity to go spoil yourself with a mani/pedi, go get your hair and makeup done. This is your day to feel beautiful, because let's be honest, if you're not happy, your photographs will show it.

What if my child doesn't cooperate?

It's ok. I will do my best to make your child feel comfortable and unpressured. At the beginning of the session I usually just try to get to know them a little and they typically start warming up to me shortly after. If your child is just not feeling up to it, we will continue with the session and capture those moments just as they are. Some of my favorite images are of little ones being comforted by their moms or dads, a loving embrace, or even a tear on a parents shoulder. It can be helpful if your child has a favorite toy or lovey to bring that along. 

What do we wear?

Styling is typically gone over more in depth at the consultation, but in general, soft neutral colors photograph best. Stay away from busy prints, clothing with wording, and everyone wearing the same color. Coordinate but don't match. Dress your outfit up with fun accessories, such as a scarf for mom, a sport coat for dad, suspenders for your little boy, and a cute hat for your daughter. Pay close attention to the season and the venue when making your choices. Most importantly, wear something that you are comfortable in and makes you feel your best. 

Can grandparents, siblings, or cousins join in?

Family sessions are meant to capture immediate household members. I do occasionally take a limited number of extended family sessions for an additional cost.

General Session FAQ

What is included in my session fee?

The session fee includes my time and talent, a consultation prior to your session to discuss and plan details, and an ordering appointment approximately 2 weeks after your session takes place. All products are an additional cost. 

What is your turnaround time?

Editing turnaround time is 2 weeks, in which time you will come back in for your ordering appointment. Once your product order is placed, your products will arrive within 2-3 weeks. 

Do you have a referral program?

Yes I do! For each client you refer that books a session, you will receive a $50 print credit towards a future session!